The Waldorf approach is to a remarkable degree in harmony with recent developments in the cognitive sciences related to how children learn and understand.
- Dr. Paul DeHart Hurd, Professor Emeritus, Science Education, Stanford University

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Highlights of Summer Camp 2013

Summer camp began on Monday, June 17th and finished Thursday, July 11th. Now beginning our fourth year, camp has created for children and teachers alike many fond memories of warm summer days spent outdoors.

Donna Mayo led the camp this summer joined by Emily Keating, a twenty-two year old UConn student, with several years of excellent childcare experience. The Clover Hill School welcomes Emily to the School!

Our outdoor rhythm included crafting, free play and caring for the vegetables from our own garden-- radishes, lettuces and green beans which the children planted earlier in the spring. As in previous years, a mainstay of outdoor fun was the water sprinkler, which inspired opportunities for vigorous play in addition to helping the children stay cool. Snack was served outdoors as we enjoyed the sounds of the wonderful neighborhood birds and sightings of “Squirrel Nutkin” scurrying around the play yard looking for nuts to hide for the winter.

Our indoor rhythm consisted of free play, story time, and this year the addition of water color painting two times a week. Water color painting is a wonderful soul experience for both children and teachers. A light lunch provided by the parents fueled the children with energy while they prepared to venture out into the “world of the water sprinkler”.

Some highlights from camp were when we had 11 children one day playing together in the play yard in a most harmonious way. Some of our older boys (six and seven year-olds) were busy making challenging obstacle courses. In one course, these future architects and builders used a large tree branch, various stumps, the teeter totter and other useful items found in the play yard. The little ones (almost four) up to the six year olds played with water from the sprinklers and made mud and “fairy dust”.

Another highlight was when Sally Willig, a Music Therapist and long time Clover Hill Association Member and supporter, came and played her kinder lyre (a small harp used in Waldorf kindergartens) and sang. The lyre and song filled the classroom with music from the stars. It was quite breathtaking. We hope Sally will be a part of our school more often next year!

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The Bee Newsletter

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Successful Growing Together Program adds a new class for Infants and Mothers-To-Be!

A new program has been created to meet the needs of the youngest child, Growing Together for Parent & Infant: for children 2 months to 12 months old.

Classes will meet on Fridays, Beginning October 14th. MOTHERS-TO-BE ARE WELCOME!

Growing Together programs, inspired by Waldorf Education, are for moms, dads (or caregivers) and children and are designed to meet the needs of children at different developmental stages. Come and experience our unique, nurturing and inspiring environment featuring natural materials and hand-made toys. Meet other parents, join in crafts, circle time, puppetry, an organic snack, indoor and outdoor play. Learn ways of welcoming your little one, including a new repertoire of songs and games! Handouts with discussion of parenting topics are also an important part of our program.

The Clover Hill School Works: Testimonials from Happy Parents

The Best There Is

Clover Hill is a sheltering, magical place that provided the best year [my daughter] could possibly have had. [Also], we are very lucky to have such wonderful teachers and a lovely community. Clover Hill is the best there is, and I have put two older children through pre-K-8 at other Waldorf schools so I know what I am comparing to!

- Gretchen Biggs

First Grade Readiness: A Parent's Perspective

My son Lucas started first grade in a Norwalk public school this year, after two years at the Clover Hill School and three years total of Waldorf early childhood education. Lucas and his younger brother Liam were in the first class of the first year at Clover Hill, and Liam is still attending. We don't have a television, and in keeping with the Waldorf approach we did not pursue any reading or writing lessons for Luke prior to his attending first grade. Read more about Lucas.

The Clover Hill School Goes Even More "Organic" and "Greener" than before

The Clover Hill School has always had a "green consciousness" right from the inception of our program in September 2004. Organic fruit, homemade bread, natural tea and honey were the snack items served.

In our first two years of kindergarten, we offered only organic foods for the children's snack. We had noticed that the children were still hungry after a healthy organic snack and that they needed an even more substantial one. We began to incorporate some very important ingredients into their menu. Laurie Clarke from the Denver Waldorf School shared her menu with us and we saw the importance of balancing out the different types of foods in the way she did, we decided to try it. Here it is:

Typical Snack Menu - Kindergarten 2010-2011

This menu emphasizes plentiful proteins and healthy fats, including omega 3 oils. Each day snack will include a grain, a full protein in the form of cheese and/or a mix of nuts and seeds, and a vegetable or fruit. We will always strive to have as many organic foods as possible, including organic grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and peanut butter. We use flax seed to contribute healthy omega-3 fats to the menu. Non-dairy and non-gluten alternatives will be provided as needed. This sample menu is representative of all the elements that will be included in our weekly menus.

The children thrive on proper nutrition. A healthy diet is essential to supplement them in their very active outdoor play. They seem to enjoy their time at the table very much! Click Here to try some of our delicious recipes at home.